1994 Kawasaki Concours

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Work log on my Concours

Log last updated April 20 2011

Well, I didn't think I would ever need to be here—with a work-log on my Connie—but…things happen. Especially things like, going too fast on backroads.

March 19th I headed out on a TWT Pie Run. The route I picked went backroads most of the way for an interesting ride. The first part closest to me is a series of roads that cut through fields and follow tight turns because of that. While coming around one of these tight turns I found my self moving too fast for the gravel on the road. I was already in the turn when the backend started to slide out—could have been a lowside if there had been more gravel. Instead the gravel petered out, the rear tire gripped, and the bike stood up…suddenly…at speed. This is a highside. And because physics never quit looking our direction, I was flung face first at the road surface at 45mph, and Connie hammered on her left side at the same speed.

I wear gear so only came off with some bumps and bruises. Already have a new helmet after grinding the old ones chin (full-face) on asphalt for several feet. But my baby…not so good:

On the positive side, there seems to be no frame damage, engine damage, or even tank damage. Mostly cosmetic down the left side. Problem is, the stuff damaged is pretty expensive to replace.


I have had my Connie since 2000. It has been my 'good' bike…as well as the bane of my existance when she gave me mechanical troubles. And because it is long paid off—with only reletively minor damage—I figured going 'naked' or some other custom one-off build would get her back where I can enjoy again. My favorite is the 80's GPz fairings as they are an easy fit for a nice quarter-fairing look. When I mentioned that to the wife—and showed her some examples of naked connies—she said 'I like it the way it was'.

Huh? She has never cared one way or another what I do with my bikes…and she will not ride with me, so it has nothing to do with 'I won't sit on it like that'. But this just means that getting the parts would not cause an argument over cost—and this makes everyones life smoother. And I already have a quarter-faired bike so…



These seem to be about the only pictures I have of her cleaned up.
Mostly stock. Just a couple screw kits, handlebar risers, and bar-ends from Murph's.
After 11 years ownership, these were taken just 3 weeks before the wreck.
This is what I want to get back to.

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