1994 Kawasaki Concours

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Work log on my Concours

Log last updated April 21 2011

Here are the first pictures I took when I got it back to the garage after the take-down.



Overview pic is kind of dark.
Dash and windscreen.
Mirror, turnsignal, upper fairing.
Better view of the upper fairing damage.
Down the left side. The hanging piece is the edging on the plastic.
Hardbag popped and scraped.
Bag antler broken too.
Instruments are ok but the plastic around them—not so much.
No damage to the tank, left inner plastics or seat.
…and the right side is still fine. The hanging straps at the lead edge of the seat are for a tankbag.



Further digging found the upper fairing bracket is bent on the left side but the center weld is not broken—a common failure point on these.

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