1982 Yamaha 920 Virago—XV920J
Mutant Project

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Work log on my abused Virago

Update May 3 2009

Below are some crappy pics from my cellphone. I cleaned them up some, but fine details just aren't there.


It's rusty. It's muddy. It was laying on it's side just like this in his in-laws backyard. He pointed out the water level / debris ring on the fence. About 1.5 feet where the bike was laying. Means the only thing that wasn't in standing water was the throttle grip and mirror.
It is mostly there. Only thing missing is the battery side cover ... and keys.
I don't think he even knew about the center stand. I wanted to put it up on it when we moved it to the drive so I could give it a washdown but he didn't know what I was talking about. And it looks like the exhaust is rusted through.
I've never heard of these displays doing this without a fire to do it. I'm assuming the sun was shining through the water when it was high and the refrection was just right ... or wrong.
Seat is so dry rotted it has what looks like rust on it. I'm afraid when it dries out it'll be one big chunk of mildew.
Moved it into the garage. After clearing some floor space first. Put a very narrow work space on the wall to hold tools and such.
You can just see the old computer I set near it. I needed an excuse to have music and since I have the Clymer and Haynes manuals in soft format...
besides with wireless access I'll be able to search for information on things while I'm looking at them.
It's been laying on this side for at least three weeks. The shift lever has been shoved into the cover and cracked it. Doesn't really matter because I'm really considering doing the +84 starter mod. I never did like that racket when starting.
When I pulled off the seat ... mud dauber nests. Half a dozen of them at least.
No it hasn't been used in a while. And yeah, it's been outside longer than that.

So my next update will be after stripping the major parts off. May or may not have pics. But I will start a list of things that needs doing or buying.

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