1991-2 Suzuki DR350

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Work log on my DR350(s)

Log last updated February 07 2011

My summer plans for 2011 include a trip into the Colorado mountains around the Creede area. In fact we rented a house out there this time instead of camping...just because. The reason this is important in a bike log is that my brother—renting the house with us—is a 4x4 fanatic and I am not. But I do like dirt&trail bikes so...time for another bike (or two).

My research gave me some definate ideas on what I wanted:


When I started looking, I had no money to be putting on a bike. So my first thought is—as little as I like the idea—I will need to sell or trade one of my bikes. Which pretty much means the Nighthawk because I am not giving up the Concours…and the others are all either basket case or heavy-duty projects.

I mentioned it to my best friend and he says, "Maybe there is something we can trade for my DR350". Nice bike but he would never give me anything else to work on—is he serious about possible trade?…what is he wanting in trade?…does the bike run in the first place?

While I'm waiting for some details from him I ran across a deal on craigslist that is just too good to pass up. Two(2) DR350s for $850 in Texarkana…one of them running. Now that's what I'm talking about. A little stock sale can cover that and leave vacation moneys alone.



Here is the running one. 1992 DR350—straight dirt model.
…and then the parts bike. It is a 1992 DR350S—motor is seized…and out of it.
This is what it could be turned into. My plan (today) is to move the running motor into the 'S' frame so I can take it on the street if I wish to.
Of course, I may not stop at getting it back to "normal" but may take it on to supermoto…maybe not this far but close to this than regular.

And that really doesn't cover all of the 'possible's...so who knows at this point what I will end up with.

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