1991-2 Suzuki DR350

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Work log on my DR350(s)

Log last updated March 7 2011

Here are the first pictures I took when I got them back to my place.



'S' model with everything but the motor. And I do have the motor in pieces but it is pretty much trash. One of the case halves is cracked around a bearing location.
Ok, not everything is here. I'm missing a side cover, the rear signals are broken off and some bolts and small rubber pieces are gone, but otherwise…
…instruments are there.
As can be seen, the bike only had 8k when it died.
This one runs. It will start sometimes on kick one but most times takes 5-6.
No major damage at first glance, just scratches.
Heavy knobbies.

My shakes made most of these 'in motion' pics.
It is also taller than the 'S' model.

This turns out to be easily fixable because the dirt one has the shock preload run very far down which pushes it up—making it taller.
Has both covers and the larger plastic dirt-only tank.
Here's the first hint that things are not what they should be. The oil overflow (or blowby) is tied to not on it's hookup.
It either has 18-19 miles on it or this thing has rolled over a few times. These are pretty useless for gauging usage.
Motor looks ok.
A little closer…and I'm still moving.
What is that back there?
Why it is a CV carburetor—BST33SS. This carb was shipped on 'S' models. And he handed me a TM33 (pumper) carb—the carb that normally shipped on the dirt models.
Here we can see that overflow/blowby line not only tied wrong but twisted into a kink.
Looking down into it.
It is impossible to see in this pic, but there is also a wire coming up from near the front sprocket that has no place to attach. The wire was just run up under the seat and left dangling.
Clear view of that 'wrong' carb.



Ok, so after looking things over and pulling some things apart I have come to a couple conclusions:

I think the work was done by the previous owner because it matches some of the inconsistencies I noted.

He had a good sized shop—maybe 20'x30'—enough room for 3 or more cars…or the 2 cars and bike or two that he had. But he did not have nearly enough tools for the vehicles he had in there. One smallish toolbox and a very small work bench-like space in a corner. It was very telling when he turned on the shop lights and a big flat-screen TV started up. This wasn't a shop for fixing things, it was a man-cave for hanging out. The vehicles were an excuse.

Things I see that are just wrong are:

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